We are the MIT Club of Central Ohio and our mission is to enhance the value of the MIT degree, build community, and celebrate our shared experience. This website is your gateway to activities and news for Club of Central Ohio, a way to find out what your fellow alumni are doing and stay connected.

The photo above was one of the MIT club sponsored events. The workshop on Global Health led by the Director of MIT's Innovation in International Health attracted over 50 attendees.

We welcome any suggestions to improve the club.

Fujio Hayashi
President, MIT Club of Central Ohio


Upcoming Events

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Add to calendar Forecasting the Future of the Economy: Insights from Behavioral Economics
Join MIT Club and Ivy-Plus members for an evening of candid conversation with Dr. Roger Blackwell as he discusses the forecasting of macro-economic trends by understanding consumer demographics and behavior, and demonstrating why increased productivity is the key to growth and profitability for all types of businesses.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Add to calendar Gene Smith: Managing the Buckeyes Athletic Department
Please join MIT Club and Ivy Plus members for a very interesting breakfast discussion with Gene Smith, Director of Athletics at The Ohio State University, to discuss big-time college athletics, Buckeye football, and his surprisingly simple secrets for success.